Poem- Beyond this Pain

Beyond this Pain

Anesthetize the love
Into a sleep of
False illusion—
False comfort until
The numbness becomes
Its own pain—
The pain of
Feeling nothing but
The hallowed out
Memories of
Flesh with skin in
Warm communion
Lost to a winter
Freeze above
Frozen hearts once
Burning with
The desire to
Be close in
Close in
Close in
The depth of
This understanding—
And close in
Something real

Breath in the
Fumes of
Stick your
Soul with
The needle of
Doubt and
Watch as
Your Eyes
Become heavy
Surrendering to
The mortal wound
Of fear—
Watch them
Close on
Love and
Loves immortal
Capability of
Healing a soul
And watch—
Watch them
Open wide to
The shadow of
Loves salvation
To the Land of
Fading dreams—
Where dreams go to

Dreams that live
Nothing can
Be realized
Beyond the
Nothingness that
Is the pain of
A fractured existence

Beyond your smile
I see—
I see the silent sorrow
Growing in
Numbers as
You convince
Yourself into
A death burial that
Once was
An open bed for
Love to dream—
And for you to
Dream on…

Beyond your smile
Are my tears
Begging for
Laughter to
Shake out
The pain and
Feel –
Feel the hope of
A dream

Love is the dream—
The dream of
Hope’s rebirth
To dream of
This pain

I have a dream of you—
You, happy to dream
This dream of
Living this life—
This life in love

What I would give to
To share my dream of love.
CL Dec 08



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