Poem ‘My Story’

My Story

I have a story that

Begins in

Innocence and

Grows with

Each day that


I have a story that

I have told in

Shadows in

Secret in

Stuttering voice I

Have spoken these

Words again and


I have shared in

Intimate moments the

Tender tears of

My past

The hoped and

Fears of

My future the

Blazing truth of

My dreams and


I have shed my

Skin for many and

Tonight I give it to

You alone

I will open my

Book and

Read from my

Pages and

Watch your

Eyes fixate on my

Lips as I

Tell this story for

The last time

I will give it

To you alone

In friendship and

In love but

As I

Look around

Your name has yet

To cross my lips

Your face has yet

To pass my way and

You are but

The Dream I

Am creating

You are

A part of

My story

Written in

The future

Given in

The past as I

Will wait to

Tell my

Tale once more

My story

Started without

Words to

Share and

It will end

Looking deep into

Your eyes and

Knowing it

Will be told in

The silence of

A kiss—

I have

No more to

Say than


CL Jan 2009



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