God and the Universe

God and the Universe

From within the universe is the energy of all life. I do not need a high powered magnifying telescope to see the totality of all that exists –I simply need to look at my own hands in order to understand that I am made up of the universe itself. Within me flows the same energy that flows through every single living thing. I do not just mean living breathing beings –I mean ALL living things. I am referring to all that is in existence. All that exists cannot exist without energy. Creation requires it –and if I am molding a piece of clay, then my life energy flows through it. I imprint the clay with my life force. Now before my hands touched it, many other moments in history energy flowed through this clay. Millions of years of life, forming and transforming, has flowed through the clay: this one piece of clay holds the energy of all life.

What makes us different is that we are aware that we hold life: we have the flowing of consciousness within us. This awareness gives us power to use this energy to transform the world around us, to create, to give more life –or take life away, to be deliberate in our actions –or choose to abandon our conscious awareness and act with impulse. I wish I could say that we use this power for the better, but more often than not we use it in destruction, in fear and in chaos. We use it in God’s name, in a twisted idea of glory, and in blind pride. We know our power and we justify destruction in the name of life, of Allah, –of Jesus Christ. Who is God really? Do we really know? Or do we create God in ‘our image’ to give justification for all the unthinkable heinous acts we commit? I think God is beyond our worldly comprehension. If we continue to try to understand God within the confines of the world we created, we will never understand God within the universe God exists –in God’s creation.

In Exodus, when God is asked by Moses who he is, he replies, “I am who I am,” but why? Why not just come out with it? Tell us, so that we may know and then there would be no confusion, no death, and no destruction. Just tell us who you are and where you exist. The problem with this is that God exist beyond. What I mean is that we see everything from only one perspective, when there are, in all actuality, an infinite number of points of reference within the totality of universal perspective. The universe is not linear. It is, in fact, dense –so dense that all life within our one point of perspective can get twisted within a black hole. We are temporal in our understanding of life and of existence.

Yet, still we beg to know –who is God? God just is. It is not the answer we hope to hear, but the most truthful answer God could give, since to know God is to know more than our brains are capable of understanding. How arrogant is it for the created to say they know without a doubt the true nature of the creator? I cannot say I know God absolute.

However, there are a few things I have come to understand. Tonight I was thinking about the current state of the world as a whole –and in every way, I see life slipping. Yet, I found myself not focused on what is missing, but just on what is. When I look at what is, all I see is fullness. We are not without food, without shelter, without comfort, without love. Yet, we make ourselves believe we are without so much. We often judge our lives by the Dow jones, by unemployment rates, by the strength of the dollar, by markers that come down to one thing –perspective. All these things are a part of the world ‘we’ created. Yes, they are a reality, but I ask one question –within what reality does our reality exist? I ask because we have the power to change it. We, the creators of this reality, can turn it into something that does not cause suffering. Or is it that we are the slaves to the very reality we have created? Sometimes, I really wonder why people don’t see this. There is enough food for everyone. There are enough homes for ALL. There is enough work to be done so no one is sitting home looking for a job. There is so much to do! And most of all, there is enough love that exists that every heart would have a reason to smile. All of this exists within the greater reality that is ultimate reality.

When God says I am who I am –God is referencing ultimate reality. God exists beyond our temporal reality. When people murder, crucify, discriminate, dominate, and justify in the name of God; what they are doing is taking and bringing God down into our reality: we are creating our own God. This God that we work so hard to create is not a God at all, but the beast of man.

God does not anger like we do –but we say that God does so that way we can anger in justification of hate. God’s vengeance is not genocide, is not revenge. Yet, we try to understand and the limitation of our understanding is where we stop, so we see God through our eyes, rather than trying to see ourselves through God’s eyes. God is not human. If you want to see God, then step outside yourself and try to see yourself in the evolution of consciousness. Try to see yourself as a work in progress, through generations –not just one life time. Try to see this world as temporary, but full of all the wisdom you need to grow. Try to see life in what we have come to see as lifeless. Do you want to know God? If you do want to know God, then stop reading the words of a book and hear the silence within the Word of your heart.

See, when we give human emotions to God; when we justify our human imperfection (our ability to hurt and destroy each other through fear, hate and apathy) with the word of God –then we make God fallible. We make him imperfect in our world –our reality. We use the name of God to create suffering, pain, and chaos. We use God to give power to our own agenda. Rather than God just being, we seek to make him the being. God is not –he just is. Why can’t we accept this? Why can’t we understand that we are what could be if we just embraced what is?

To me God exists beyond my understanding, yet that doesn’t make me question God’s existence: it makes me respect all of existence. It makes me appreciate the flowing of life inside me. It makes me want to give the compassion of life to others; to show them the beauty of life beyond the sufferings of our collective reality. I look around me and I see the other side. I don’t mean I ‘see dead people’ what I mean is I feel beyond –I feel God. Sometimes when I hear all the bad news of war, unemployment, fires and death –I can see where it exists. It exists in a moment that does not transcend eternity. A lot of what we buy into is the illusion brought about by fear. And who creates fear? We do. I just stay focused on my reality –and in my reality I am not without because my reality exists now, beyond the illusion others try and sell me.

I know that the universe is never without –so why should I worry about being without? I trust that I will always have what I need when I need it because it has been created for me. How do I know? I just do. It is what it is. Life doesn’t question itself –it just exists. If I grow into my consciousness by learning just to be within awareness without question, then in an instant I will have what I create. I will have what is –not what I hope for or worry about. God just is because he is the life of consciousness. If we truly want to know God then we need to know ourselves without God –then we will know ourselves with the true God. We will know our place within this universe of life.



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