Through My Window

Through My Window

I feel your
Pain as
You pass by
My window
Head low
Holding on
To only
The memories
Dragging with
Sorrow and
Blanket tucked
Under arm
I watch with
Eye and
Well up in
Your tears

I know
Your hardship
I feel your
Love in
The decision
You made

To say
Goodbye is
Never easy but
To let go for
The love
You have is
Harder than

You are
Brave in

You are
Strong in

You are
Blessed by
What you
Give and
What you
Share through
My Window

So don’t hold
Your head
Low but
High so
You may
See the
Love in
The moving
Wind and
The warming
Rays of
The heavenly
Sun above

In every bit
Of life
Those you
Loved are

In every step
You take
They give you
To walk

Do not
Cry for
Loss but
Cry for
What you
Have gained

Love never
Leaves us
With out

For what
It is worth—
In love
You have
More than
My empathy—

You have gained the compassion of my heart.

You are a strong woman whom I admire.
CL April 2009



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