The Dream for you

The Dream for You

I feel
The echoing
Fallibility of
Your words
The shallow
Current of
Your mind
The lost
Innocence of
Your heart

I feel
My sorrow for
Who you were
What you were
Becoming before
Fear stripped
Your freedom and
Doubt stole
Your dream

I do not
Want to be
Your soul mate or
Your friend but
The truth in spirit—
The undercurrent of
Life transformed

I do
Want to be
A reflection of
The dream—
The universal dream of
Us of
You of
Me of
The collective of
Who we are and
Where we could be
Going if
Fear and
Worry were
Slain by
The sword in
Search of
Truth within
I want to be
The projection—
The image of
The dream
You reach for
When fear and
Worry grow
Tired and for
The moment
You relinquish
Them both to
Feel spirit and
Dream living

I want and
Will have
The angel of
Death by
My side in
Battle against
Fear and
Worry in
The mirror of
I want
Your soul to
Rest easy and
Your heart to
Beat strong in
Love in
Truth in
Spirit of
I want to
Show you
This dream is

This dream
I am living—

This dream
You should be

This dream for
You for
Me for
We can and
Will have
It all—
In love
What we want
We get—

This reflection of hope is real.
This projection of life is true.
I will live this dream as hope for you.
CL August 2009



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