Whale Wars

Whale Wars

We kill without
The innocence of
The sea
The heart of
The ocean
The awe of
Wonder that
Crests above
The waves

We kill what
We are
Destined to

And below
We bury
The truth
The sinking guts of
Who we are when
We grow cold in
Our reverence when
We choose money
Over life when
We take the gun
And let
The harpoon fly
Not for
But for
Worldly greed

When we
Shoot them
We shoot
Ourselves first
And it’s our
That bleeds

We lose a bit of
Ourselves in
The frigid
Antarctic sea
That is desperate
To keep
It’s beloved

Just to be
Just to be free
They swim
And swim
Trying to
Flee but
They can’t
Escape nor
Can we
The death of
This paradise
The death of
Eden and
In these wars
Who is winning?

The angel of
Death or
The devil’s
Son when
The devil’s
Work in
Greed is

When we
Kill the innocent
We are left with

Nothing more
For us
To see
To give us
Hope for
Us to
Believe that
We are
Meant to be
One with
Love and
Compassion with
Wonder to

We can create
This life
We believe
To be
To be with
Reverence with
The innocence of
The sea

This is our salvation

The redemptions of
The forgotten dream
That all is not what
It seems to
Their end
Their murder
Doesn’t have to
The means

This is our salvation

Just for

Just for
Us to
Believe in
Greater than
The mass slaughter of
Our greatest
Ancestor is
The dream of
Majesty for
Our sacred

Let us
Break free

Break free from
This greed and
Let them live free
So they may be
And so shall we
Be living
Our universal

Together as
One cresting
Above our
Darkness in
Hope to
Capture only
The splendor of
Living in
Peace on
Earth together
CL Aug 2009

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