Sail Away

Sail Away

Sail away on the wave
Beyond the beast of
The shore line roar
Beyond the cutting edges of
Coral beauty, beauty
Bleached white but
Still holding its bite in
The graveyard of
Remembered vitality

Sail away toward the sun
Toward the horizon
Curving the dream into
A circle of hope, hope
That spins eternal within
Endless time on
An endless day
Drifting forever on, on
Its way

Sail away toward your dream
Toward your vision of
What life seems as
I stand unable to
Reach beyond
This sandless
Rock held beach
Beyond the touch of
Loves true hand
Here I stand
Here I stand

Sail away toward your dream
As I look up toward
The sun
Toward the fire
Burning on in
A ball of
Passion filled
Bursting in
This thrill
To look too long
I may be killed
This is not
Where I belong
Looking on
Looking on
I am aging but
Yet still too young
To watch my life
Come undone
So I stand—
Standing firm
Looking on
Looking on

Sail away toward your dream
The waves call to
Take me in
Into the beauty
Pulled below
Caught by
The dangers
Yet, I know
My tomb is not
For today so
On the shore is
Where I stay
Looking on
Looking on
Hoping all is
Not undone
Hoping you
May turn back
I stand—
Yes, here I stand
Looking on
Looking on

Yet you
Sail away
Remembering me
Far away
Standing beyond
What you now see
Sailing far
Far out to sea,
This is where you
Are meant to be
Without me
Without me
This is your dream
What is meant to be.

Watching you
Fall out of sight
Looking on
Looking on
I feel my feet
Put up a fight
Moving on
Moving on
Deeply passionately
Loving the sea
Hoping still—
We are meant to be

I walk away–
Dreaming of
You and me
CL Dec 30th 2009



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