Desert of Oedipus

In the desert of Oedipus
At the cross roads of
My brother’s deed
In silence I speak
In vindication for
My mother

Her voice flowing
In my heart
Moving in my veins is
The Spirit of
Her truth

And as I touch
The stillness
I feel
Her pain

Her life blood is

Her renewal
Vibrant but
She fights against
An enemy
Born out of
Her womb

Her son turns
Against her

Her Father understands but
Unconditional is
The love they share—
Father for
Daughter and
Mother for son so
How can she defend?

My brother,
He rapes her
Mocks her
Claims his
Right to her

She didn’t
Protect him
In his youth

And her lessons about
The responsibility
To life
To all
Left her

She tried to
Teach us
How to listen
To feel
To embrace
The unknown
In wonder

But he,
My brother,
He feared her
Until one day
He became
A man and
Dominated her
One day
One power struggle
At a time—
He became her

I watched
I cried
Because even I,
His equal,
I couldn’t stop him—
His lust
His sense of
Entitlement was
And is
Too strong

As I watch now
Looking at
My Mother on
Her death bed
My heart breaks

My brother,
My brother,
What have you done?

She has given of
Her blood

She has fed our

She has shown us
The majesty of
True beauty

And she has
Given us
This world in

But you,
My brother,
You have taken and
Slaughtered and
Raped with
Disregard for

I watch
The beauty
That once was
My Mother
Fade before
My eyes

I watch as
Her life
And all that
Remains is
A skeleton of
What my Mother
Used to be

As I walk
Among her
Bones in
The dust of
Her desert voice
I, her daughter,
I feel her truth—
She gave her
Life to us

And we,
My brother,
We took
Until there was
Nothing left for
Her to

And yet,
Even in death
She loves

Your legacy will
Live on in
This journey
Renewal in
Transformation of
Hope for
It is in my brother’s
Blindness that
He didn’t see

He didn’t see
You as
His Mother

But I see—
I see you
In my dream
In my mind
You are not

It was
My brother’s
His fear
His disease that
Has allowed me
To forget that
You are alive
In the germ
Of life

In the promise
Of anew
I will hold you
As I walk
My heart
Pours open
And you
Are born again
Through the love
We share

You gave life

And I,
I will give
You the life
You gave—

Even in the desert of Oedipus
You are not dead.

You will be reborn.

CL May 2010


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