Our Water to Wine

Our Water to Wine

There is a sea
Of potential and
A land full of
Greed and
I find in between
Is where
My soul does
With all
We kill
And all
We war with
Money in
We still
Want more

You know
I once heard of
A man who
Some said was
Absurd for
He was God
But He
Showed us that
It wasn’t so
Hard to feed
A nation with
One fish and
One loaf of
Bread and
The wealth of
Love forever
Spread and
He could
Make wine of
Water but
Could he
Now make
Pure water of
Black gold?
Could a new
Folk lore be
And could He
Or I
Or you
Bend our hearts
Toward “ours”
Instead of
Could this
Be Our
Water to

I wonder
Could He
Or I
Or you
Could We
Do it this time?

I believe in
Miracles I
They are
What We
Do not yet
Know I
When We
The truth of
The miracle then
The truth of
Who We are
Will show and
Shine in
Water and
In wine

A miracle
Would be to
Turn our conquests
Away from
To not hate
Across borders and
Draw lines in
The sand holding
Darkness tight in
Our aging hands
We’re killing
Time and
Wasting space and
Most of all
Losing face
In the mirror of
Our disgrace
While life
Suffocates and
Love breaks
Let’s turn toward
The light for
Everyone’s sake

I do not
Know if all
Hearts are
The same but
My heart is screaming

Let’s go down
The list
One at a time
And ask ourselves—
Is this love we find?

America is
Her history is
Rich and
Her blood has been
Spilt and
In the soil
It sits like
The oil in
The ocean
It never leaves
It just sinks to
The bottom while
We play
Make believe but
It’s still there so
Nothing hides
Because it’s in
Our mind
Where the
Ugliness resides.

The slaughter of
The Natives,
The enslaving of
The Blacks
The encampment of
The Asians
It’s the dark
Side of
An ugly
Invasion of
The mind and
The heart of
Something ugly
That was
Sought and
Still today till
This day if
You’re different
Illegal Or
Just don’t agree
You better
Watch out
I do believe
We want more
By you getting
Less and if
You’re looking for
A hand out
You better confess
That you’re lazy
A bum
A no good person
Just looking for
Some and
It’s in the mind
We go crazy and
Blame in
A horrific frenzy and
I feel
The anxiety of
All the high
Intensity of
Our dumb founded
Notions and
Hocus pocus
Potions that
Hypnotize and
Mesmerize and
Push blame aside
When it’s all
We all
Have it
We’re all
Addicts wanting
More And
More And
More And

We’ll kill
For it
For it
Let go of
For it
Ignore truth
For it
The truth
Of it

We are all
We are all
To blame
Can you
Feel it—

But I’ll pause to be sane…

When I see
A pelican
Covered in oil
Gasping for
One last breath
I know I’m
The same as
British Petroleum—
I share the blame

I’m different
I’m one person
The weight of
The world and
Asking for
I believe in
I believe we
Can turn
Black oil back
Into water if
Only in
Our hearts
One person at
A time We
Can turn this

In the darkness of
My mind
The light of
My heart
I find

I bare responsibility
I am sorry for my greed.

I’m just one
Person turning
Water to
Wine and
Wine to
Eternal gold
Because I too
So loved this world.
CL June 2010


4 thoughts on “Our Water to Wine

  1. I love this poem. You connected these two concepts so perfectly. In my opinion, there are some works that seem like they wrote themselves, like they have always been written and were just waiting for some one to find them. Some things that fall into this category for me, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water, The Keanu Reeves Movie The Matrix and this poem.

  2. You’ve done a great job calling to light serious environment issues and how we all contribute to this tragic state of affairs. I love the sense of hope threaded throughout. I believe too one person committed to making a difference can have a powerful positive impact.

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