With Her

I don’t
Love her as
A sailor or
A fisherman loves
The open sea

I don’t
Need to be
Tested on
A boat
Around to
Admire her
In love

I love
The ocean from
The wave to
The beach to
The current
Moving from
One body to
The next

I love her
More than
Anyone else
And tonight
I took
A ride
Her arms
And felt
Her body
Wrap around me

And I
Let go for
Her in

And I
Let my innocence
Get lost in
Her strength

And I
Didn’t ask to
Be held

And I
Didn’t ask to
Be loved

She doesn’t
Require this
From me

She doesn’t
My words or
My tears
But often
They appear
Not in pain
But in release—
She moves me

She has
My love and
Any time
I need her
She is
There from
My first
Reunion with
Spirit until

She speaks
Softly and
My heart
Listens to
Her wisdom and
I feel
Her move
Through me as
She holds
Me tenderly
And puts
My heart at

There is
No Need for
The love of

With her
I have
An endless
Love that is

I can’t
Get from
What she
Can provide

This is
Why I keep
The ocean by
My side

Good night dear lady
Your love is with me

Thank you for tonight.

CL June 2010


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