What would you like me to write about? Leave a comment! Oh, and some thoughts on reality…

I want to pause for a moment from giving my views. I would like to be more engaged with my readers, so I’m  giving you an opportunity to suggest topics you would like me to discuss. I’m openly welcoming any and all topics. No matter how obscure, I’ll do my best over the next few weeks to write a post on every topic presented to me.  So what would you like to talk about? Leave a comment under this post and I will discuss with you every thought, passion, and concern you may have!

I look forward to your comments!

However, I do not want to leave you with nothing so here is a shot of inspiration!

Excerpt from my upcoming book “In the Beginning” which should be out next spring! This section is on our perception of reality:

“Let’s just say that there are seven billion people in the world. Seven billion people reflect seven billion different realities. Collectively, seven billion people are having an infinite number of thoughts simultaneously at any given moment. Each thought is a reality for each person. Those thoughts are, whether skewed from the collective norm or not, the realities of the individual person having those thoughts. They are “experiencing” those thoughts, and those thoughts create the experience of their reality. Thought influences action. Action is the outward expression of thought, even unconscious thought. It is unimaginable to begin to try and put an ear to what is being thought at any given moment. Yet, all these thoughts are heard in the ultimate reality of God.

There are two ways we exist in our perceived reality: in the collective and in our own personal reality. The collective is a form of cooperation where we communally agree to narrow perimeters within reality. We label, we define, we set societal norms of what is acceptable, and we carry on abiding to the collective so long as the majority stays in agreement. This form of reality has traditionally been beneficial for keeping order and rule within communities of people, especially in times of struggle.

However, the collective reality has been the source of violence and genocide, typically when dueling collective realities clash in conflict. They oppose each other and battle over what reality will win in the worldly struggles. We find this in history books, where pictures and words tell the tale. In modern days, we look back, analyze, and try to search out Truth in the reality of what history has to tell. The error in searching history for Truth is that Truth exists in the ultimate reality of God. It does not exist in the past or future—it exists in the now.

We can sit in a classroom or over dinner discussing the history of our generation. We can argue our points, views, ideas, and theories. We can become hot-headed or even belligerent, but nothing can come of it unless we reach inside for the spirit of Truth in understanding and not search outward for what is right or wrong. We need to search for the Truth found in our sorted history, and that Truth is found within each and every one of us. We are eternal beings first, but if we don’t reach toward God’s Truth in Spirit and find His reality, then we will continue to see the world from our independent reality. Our independent reality is layered with our own experiences, which can influence our interpretation of God’s ultimate reality.

Personal independent reality influences the collective, whether it is in a power struggle, a need for personal survival, or the fear of the unknown. Personal perception influences the collective reality and both realties are of the world. Without the ability to reach beyond and connect with ultimate realty, we’ll continue to battle each other individually, and collectively, we will suffer within the struggling reality we create.”


5 thoughts on “What would you like me to write about? Leave a comment! Oh, and some thoughts on reality…

  1. I would love more poetry. I also like to hear your views on religion. I think you and I have similar expiriences and views of God’s love. Don’t worry, I don’t expect you to have all of the answers, but your previous posts help me think about the right questions.

  2. I would like you to write about the power of friendship. I really need to think more about this question! I will get back to you about what else I would like you to write about…I am sure there are many things I can come up with!!

  3. I would love to hear your view on honestly, love, and respect. How these things are formed and how they fit in our world today on a large scale and small. Omitting using god as a reference and politics. 😉

  4. How about a blog on the laws of illusion. How we attract everything in our life either from unhealed wound, beliefs, old patterns or from new healthy thoughts and patterns. Our growth tasks as growing, healing, spiritual souls.

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