A new year of success — I will allow for it! Will you?

A New Year, A New You!

With all this talk about New Year’s Resolutions, I want to take a minute to discuss the key ingredient needed for achieving all we wish for on that wondrous list of new goals for the New Year!

My list of accomplishments for this New Year consists of:

• My website becoming a huge success
• Holding in my hand a hardcopy book from my manuscript
• Having my book become a success
• Having my book picked up by a big name publishing house
• Getting an advance on next book
• Opening a healing center
• Traveling the country inspiring people toward spiritual evolution
• Getting a house in the country
• Getting back in shape
• Be a success and make a career out of helping people spiritually

My list sounds amazing to me! What a successful year! However, many of the wishes on my list are the same items from last year. I hoped that I would have my book published by the fall. Unfortunately, it never manifested itself. It is not to say that I didn’t make fantastic progress on my manuscript. I did! I found an amazing editor, who was clearly meant to work on this with me and together we polished it until it shined. And it does shine! I am fully proud of what I have accomplished.

Also, somehow I let another year pass by without getting back into the shape I used to be in. I miss feeling strong and in shape. By no means do I think I am fat. I just don’t feel as healthy as I know I could feel if I only had the commitment to get back into shape.

Being picked up by a big name publishing house has been on the list for quite awhile, but I am now thankful it did not get picked up, because it was not the book it is today.

However, being a success has been on my list year after year for as many years as I can remember. Sure, the “being a success at…” part has changed, but the desire for great success has always been the cornerstone of my New Year’s List. So why haven’t I achieved it?

I think the reason I am still in this state of being on the verge of success is the same year after year. I don’t allow for my success. Sure, I believe in myself. I never questioned my abilities. I have always been the person to run full speed right up to the door of success, and then when I get there I pause to ponder, and ponder, and ponder, but why?

In the last month, I have discovered something about myself. I realize that even though I believe in myself, I have this unworthiness that thrives inside of me. I believe in myself, but yet feel unworthy of success. This makes me afraid of it, because I fear what ifs. What if I don’t succeed? What if I can’t handle it? What if I don’t know what to do beyond what I know? What if? Do I fake it? Do I just give up?

Yet, if I truly believed any of this in my heart, I would have given up a long time ago. So I know something now, all of this “what if” worry is a lie I sell to myself because I am not allowing myself to feel worthy of all the hard work and dedication I have put into what I believe.

What I believe is that if I am going to succeed in achieving all that I desire, I need to allow for it! This sounds simple. Who doesn’t want to allow for success? Well, I understand now what allowing for something really mean. It means adding on to my list! Before all else on my list I need to add this: Letting go of my old self.

How many times do we make our New Year’s List and get discouraged when it doesn’t work out? We don’t lose the extra pounds or quit smoking for our health. We fail to be kinder to our neighbor or spend more time with our family. We don’t succeed because we don’t allow for the success. As people, we can’t allow for change if we don’t relinquish the old in order to make room for the new. And the old will always be within the person we are because who we are evolves out of who we were. If we don’t give up the old self, we fail to make the changes that bring a new self into a new year. We can only succeed by allowing ourselves to let go of what holds us back from success in the first place.

For me, my success is coming. This year will be the year where my list won’t repeat, but framed as a memory of the great lesson learned in my life. I am a success because I am now allowing myself to be a success in this present moment. What has always stood between me and my success was me. I am no longer standing in my way. I am bidding myself farewell, because I am a new person, walking into a new year as a success. My doubt will not block my path. My mind will not ponder at the door of success, but rather my worthiness will open it. I am evolving out of who I was and into who I am. I held myself back and in this new year I will let myself go beyond my dreams and into the world where all I hoped for and all I worked for will be given in self worth. I will give myself success, because the success has always been there as a gift of my worthiness. God granted me success long before I understood how to achieve it within myself. Before this moment came, success was here waiting for me to allow it in.

I will allow for great success. I will be transformed and as the clock strikes midnight I will not be any different on the outside, but on the inside I will have let go of the old in fondness and welcomed the new in gratitude for all the wisdom I have gained. This has been a journey of patient understanding and I can confidentially say I have gained all I need to from my old self. No longer will I doubt myself, but live as a person who truly knows me in confident success. I will love myself for who I am, not live for who I was any longer. I am letting go. It is time to embrace the new and make great things happen.

We all are capable of achieving greatness. Most of us are just afraid of losing ourselves in the process. We never lose anything if what we aim to gain is for the greater good of ourselves, our loved ones, and humanity as a whole. We never lose ourselves if we are truly focused on knowing ourselves within. What we gain is the greater version of ourselves. What we let go of is everything that held us back from achieving greatness.

When you make your list in life – the list of greatness – don’t be afraid to allow for it. Don’t worry about losing yourself. Don’t be afraid at all! Just let go and dream and then live the dream anew.

If you are living in the past, focused on what ifs then you aren’t allowing for your dreams to come true! Live anew because every day we are transforming into new versions of ourselves. This means every moment is a new beginning. Every day is a new opportunity to let go of who we were. If this requires forgiveness, then forgive! Do it because you are worthy of greatness! The greater you is waiting inside. All you have to do is just let go and allow this person to be because this person IS who you really are!

When tomorrow arrives embrace it as you are, not as you were last year. Let of who you were and live as the person you always dreamed you were because that dream IS you! You are a success. You are who you believe yourself to be, maybe just maybe, all it takes is allowing for it. We often let the past dictate who we are, but not today. Today let’s all be the person of the future, knowing the power to let go is right here in the present. Make your only resolution this: When midnight comes I am allowing myself the success of a new year. Say it over and over and then allow for it! And see what happens!

I look forward to sharing my many successes with you this New Year!

Happy New Year and many blessings of success to you!

Christa A. Lamb


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