Abandon I’ll try for I’ll do!

Now’s the time to abandon I’ll try for I’ll do!

The idea for this new weekly post came about from a conversation I had today with my mother. With out getting into all the laboring details of the conversation, she basically told me about a discussion she had with some other people concerning the use of “I’ll try” vs. “I am doing.” Then they went on to discuss the 80’s movie starring Bill Murray called “What About Bob?” After she told me about their little chat I thought this would be an amazing topic for my blog and since it is a new week, why not do it now? Instead of trying to write this blog, I am just going to write it!

One of the basic foundations of any statement involving the use of “I AM” is the power of now. I remember a few years back while living in New York I picked up the book “The Power of Now” and was blown away by how much I was living in the past or future in any given moment, and not fully utilizing the present moment. When it comes to making change in life, the power for that change is in believing that I am making change. Just in that thought along you make room for your success because your success is now a part of you. It no longer exists in the future, or the past. It exists as you in the present moment.

Anyone who knows me knows I am famous for taking a lifetime just to leave my home. When I get hassled by friends and family, I tend to gruffly say back to them, “I’m trying. I’m trying.” And I am right! I am “trying” to leave the house. It’s only in that moment when I pick up my car keys and head to the door that I say, “Okay, I’m leaving!”

The difference between trying and doing is what I AM doing. It is the I AM statement that gives power to whatever we choose to accomplish. The reason for that is because the phrase “I am” is a will aligning statement. The “I” in I AM is the soul. It is the acknowledgment that I am a uniquely independent being through my experiences here on earth. The “am” in the I AM statement is the spirit of life. It is the ability to create in the present moment through an acknowledgment of free will. Together “I am” is spirit and soul as one. With those two forces aligned whatever comes next has power. We create our desires, dreams, and future based on what “I am doing!”

If you say, “I’m trying,” then trying is what you will get. If you say, “I’m doing,” then you’ll be doing, so whatever you decide to do, strive for success!

When you say “I AM” you are allowing for your absolute success. When you merely say “I’m trying” you’re not allowing for your success within your full potential. You only allow for the achievement of a fraction of your possible success.

Want to be a success living as I AM? Here’s an easy way to living it!

First, identify the trigger for what you want to accomplish. For example, maybe you’re tired of “trying” to lose weight.

Then set your ultimate goal. In this case it would be success in transformation from being a person living a daily life over weight to one whom no longer lives as overweight. Shortened goal: success in transition.

Once you’ve identified your trigger and ultimate goal, say to yourself, “I AM going to succeed.” Say it over and over again. Feel the statement deep inside yourself. Feel your Soul aligning with Spirit and feel your will to achieve success now grow stronger. This will pave the road of your success.

Continue to visualize your personal success. Perhaps just to start you might want to try spending 5 minutes morning and night going through this process. I find its very hard for people to change their internal dialog and break free of merely trying within their thoughts. Remember, this is about changing thoughts in order to align them with your higher self on the road to success.

Now that you are on the path of I AM, the next step is the “What About Bob?” philosophy of baby stepping. You must baby step through your transformation process because its going to be the little victories that are going to manifest the ultimate success into being.

Say things like:

o I am losing weight
o I am changing how I eat
o I am getting fit
o I am becoming healthier
o I am my new self
o I am in love with how I feel
o I am stronger
o I am transformed

You’ll discover as you grow and become strong in I AM that we never stop evolving into ourselves. We always baby step into personal success and through it we grow into richer people achieving ultimate success in all we do. The power of I AM is very real. I hope you’ll give it a try. I know I am.

And most importantly, watch “What About Bob?” so you can not only learn the benefits of baby stepping, but also so you can be inspired to take a vacation from your problems!

Baby Stepping with Bob!


One thought on “Abandon I’ll try for I’ll do!

  1. I love Bob!!! One of my favorite movies!!! I love being in a helping profession, but because I constantly “serve” others, I don’t “serve” myself…I AM going to find balance…..I AM… Thanks for this post.

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