The Many Names of God

It’s been a long week, but I’m committed to sticking with one blog post a week. I will sit down and write a sincere post from my heart very soon, but I’ve been taking some time for myself in reflection. So to give you something to read, I’ve taken an excerpt from the introduction of my upcoming book. I chose this part because it goes hand-in-hand with what I’ve been working on with the site. This first book, the books to come and the site are all a whole part of what this life means to me. The goal for me at the end of this life is to bring deeper understanding and the love of God to all people without judgment. Not just one view of God, but all views because this is to truly know God in ALL the splendor of Spirit.

The Many Names of God

There are many names for God, and through the passing millennia, our understanding of God has changed. We have seen God through the eyes of many Gods, seen God in the sun, in the raging sea, and in the serenity of the stars. Growing from a polytheistic to a monotheistic understanding, we have come to embrace the unity of God, the omniscient nature of His ways. Yet, we still fight over the one true God—over who is right and who is wrong. We see God as our God, and adopt the mindset that unless you accept my way, He cannot be your God, too. We declare ownership of God, placing our name on Him—making it sacred, then raising Him to great heights in our name.

We don’t do this with awareness, but a lack there of. We see the world through individual perception, and how we identify God becomes the basis of how we see God in the world from that moment on. We adopt our new-found understanding of God as truth, and then we try to hold this truth as knowledge for all eternity. Yet, there is more than one perception of God and more than one way to see Truth. In wisdom, we know intuitively that truth cannot be kept as knowledge, so we create new Gods, with new names, to help us understand as we grow in awareness. We create these Gods, declaring, “He is the one true God!” then we try to force our will, our truth, on others in the name of God—the name we have given Him.

With thousands of names for God, representing the many different characteristics, we can develop a magnificent view of God in His entire splendor. Whether you refer to Him as a God or Her as a Goddess, or even if you identify your God as genderless, God is one.

God is the ninety-nine names that encompass the divine Allah. God is the Holy Christian and Hindu Trinity. God is the unspoken Jewish name of YHVH. When Moses asked God his name, God says, “I am who I am.” This is God. He is the great creator. He is the merciful one. He is everlasting, mighty, strong, and a shepherd. He is the sword of truth which cuts both ways, and He lives within us. He exists eternally. He is the source of the whole within the whole. He lives through us in the world and stands next to us. God is many things to many people. Yet, we should remember that God is all things to all people.

We can see God in ourselves and each other when we do not claim ownership of God, but rather, let the spirit of God flow in Truth. We are all evolving. As we evolve, our perception of God is constantly growing in awareness. We begin to see the fullness of God within the universal realm of His existence. We see His truth in the statement, “I am what I am.” He is truth. Once truth is found, you do not need a reason to argue it. If truth is being argued, then in that moment truth is lost.

At the end of this book, we will come to understand God as One. No other name or explanation of God will be needed. We will come to understand God in the Oneness of this universal truth.
We are one.
God is One.
We are One in God.


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