My Thank You for Life

I’ve learned from my experiences in life that it doesn’t matter what happens to me or what someone does to me. The collective of all my experiences is growth. My deliberate actions toward goodness are not to prove to the world I am a better person than what it can throw at me, but to show the eyes of the universal that I am growing. There is no judgment from God, from the living consciousness as They watch. They seek to see us grow in awareness, in truth, and in His love. In this living universe, His angels look out at us; they delight in seeing the spiritual evolution alive in us. I’ve discovered when I grow in awareness, search out understanding, and find truth in all my experiences, I do it in love. I do it because when the eyes watch and I give my nod to Heaven I am saying, “Thank you for this life you’ve given me”. I know I am alive. I’m saying thank you because I know this life is a gift and to live in self recognition, to know I am growing in truth is the greatest blessing I’ve been adorned with. Although, this path has been challenging and I have been challenged, I’ve learned to go through it in love and compassion. Never before have I experienced the gratitude of uncertainty. In it I find the release of worry, the mirror reflecting my own doubt, and in all of this I discover the loving arms of Spirit holding me tight. How can I question truth when truth is the gift I speak? I’ve been blessed by growing in understanding through these challenges I face. Without them I would find only complacency holding me tight. Thank you for my life because its in this life I have finally discovered who I am in the Spirit of truth. Today, looking up I see the smiles of love shining down. I’ve come to fully embracing myself in the acceptance of this truth, I love my life. And my thank you for life is the goodness I share with the whole of life.


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