Into Today

Of all the days that have passed
None have passed without a quiet goodbye
Or a heavy heart
Or silence for the dream lost

For when a day is gone
We venture into the next
With loss
With death
With a belief
Gripping the handle of
Yesterday’s coffin

Into the ground we go
When drifting into
The eternal sleep of
No more

Today is lost in
Yesterday’s grief
Biting on the cheek of
Tomorrow’s possibility

We blend with
The cascading color of
Illusion and
Wish a different life
In the stream of

But the waters are
A riptide
Pulling at
Our heart
Begging to
Bring us down
Further and
Further into
Never inhaling
The sun
The sky
The breath of
Hope in
Good morning
Only goodbye as
We sink

Breathe in
The sun

Breathe in
The sky

Breathe in
The love and
Let go
If only
And only
To try
And never
Good bye-

Rise toward hope
And fly

Tomorrow is today
Yesterday is an eternal day

And of all the days that
Have passed
I say hello to
An endless sky of
Possibility so
Grand and vast
That no more
Do I look back
Only forward
Toward a
Dream created
To last

Good morning to
A new beginning in

This is how we should live our day.

CL May 2012


9 thoughts on “Into Today

  1. Christa, your words ring true,

    we pass each and every day with either sadness, sorrow, or ignorance.

    have a better day today.

    love your work, very true and beautiful expressions.

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