The Way

This is the way…
Of the wind
The air
The trees
The falling of
Time to
The eternal
Formation of

Drifting back—
It is a reminder of
The primordial
The deep held
Roots of

This is the way…
Of the earth
The water
The seasons
One bending into
The next
The circling of
Change to
Meet self
Over and
Over again.

This is where
I am under-standing
The bigger view
Without thought.

The words become
A memory of
What has
Always been
I am one with
Every movement of
The natural world.

The trees speak
Wisdom and
I listen to
The sounds
The truth of
A thousand
Falling in
Cycles as
We, we all carry on—
Carrying a mind
Full of

This is
The way of
The natural world.

This is
A reminder of
Who we
Truly are.

This is
The way of
Me as
I kneel
The awe
Communing with
The ancients
Watching as
They stand firm in
Their position in
This life
We share

They know
The ground beneath
They feel
It and
Live it.

They know
The sky above
They breathe
It and
Reach it.

And when
I escape
The world of
Ever-expanding illusion
—what must be done now—
I find what must be
Has always been
Right here in

The natural world
Living truth in
Every moment of
Its existence—
Here is
The way to live in
Peace and
Harmony and
Giving life to
Receive life in
Cooperation with
All life.

I bow to
My brothers to
My sisters to
My friends with
Roots that
Stretch beneath
Me and
Reach up
Me to
My soul.

And with
Arms that
Rise toward
The heavens
I am able to
See that within
The natural world
All things are

All you are
I am
And all
I am
You are.

In love
We rise
Above in
Spirit and
Connect to
Remember in
The roots of
To the changing
Seasons of creation
In love
I give
My life—

This is life.
This is the way.
CL Nov 2011


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