The Smile of Love

Underneath the mask of
Indifference I hide
The shadow of
My love

The ember of
Truth burns
When I feel
The turning of

I feel for you
Not in
Hope or
Lust but in
Genuine sincerity

I’d gladly
Reach into
The pocket of
Forever to
Pull out
One dream for

The dream of
An eternal smile

The dream of
The perfect
Moment where
Life is
Yours and
Only yours and
All your memories
Shift into
Alignment with
Your heart

Open and loved—
This is the dream I hold

But the fragile
Reality of
Your tender soul—
In the eyes of
Your misgivings
I see the past
Falling down
Your face in
Tears you can’t
Hold back

I hold back
The true nature of
Why I care—
I have no desire to
Fix you—
Only to love
You in
The moment
Even though
The moment is
Now gone

But even so
Here we are
Begging mercy from
The past—
Scared to
Commit ourselves to
Any kind of
Future and
Drawing lines
Through both
Our hearts—
Acting as if
This is
All it is

Look in
My eyes

And sink
Deep into

I am

And your
Skin doesn’t hold
My attention without
The depth of
Your soul
Pulling me
Down into

This isn’t
A game I play

And there is
No promise of
A future
Tattooed on
My wrist

There aren’t
Any scars

There is
Only me
And me
A puppet or
Pawn or
My worth is
Over shadowed by
The breath that
Gave life to
Your hope
And I’m
Without power
As I watch it
Smothering in

I am the arms
That keep you

I am the comfort

The come close
Pull away

The maybe
Or maybe not

Whatever I am to you—
This isn’t who I am to me

I am more

And in that more
I give you more

It is of
No value to
Be less in
Fear than
What I am in
In love
Your smiling face is
All I see.

And at night that
Breath you hold
Deep in
Your chest is
The breath
I receive
When you
Let go to

Don’t be afraid to
Love again

Give into
The dream within
Your grasp and
I promise you
A lifetime of
Eternal smiles within
A moment that
Has yet to
Go away

Breathe into
Me and
I will breathe
My love into
You into
A moment that
Will never
Fade away

The permanency of
My love is in
The smile on
Your face when
You remember

This is
All I need in
Remembering you

Forever is
Found in
The smile of

When you let
Go to smile
I fell in
Love with
This memory of

Forever is your smile.

Forever isn’t
A dream but
The memory
We keep when
We feel
The love in
Our hearts
When we
Remember on
When we
Smile on

Smile on
My love
Smile on

And I promise to carry your smile with me, forever, in my heart.

CL Dec 2011


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