Light It Up In Love

It’s been a while since I felt compelled to write from my heart without deliberate thought; a mere conscious stream of emotion penetrates the deepest ember of my desires. I feel the burning. The warmth grows inside and I realize this road I walk is the friction that sparks my movement, lights my being and energizes the creative force within.

I have hollowed out a space for the wind of love to blow through. A few trigs of hope rest as Xs against the circular tunnel of Os and as I breathe in this world, all I have to breathe out is the smoke of hope burning to ash –burning to light as it burns to fade.

Love and desire, the fruit of humanity living as the greatest of our abilities, brings out the strongest of our fears. It is so easy to love, but to love and shift in love –oh how the winds blow. Nipping at the heart, stirring the dust among the memories, love moves to heal. I have been within the chamber of soft beats. I have been in the chamber of rapid beats and in it all I hear only one beat that silences the rest –the beat of my own heart –in and out of love it shifts –skipping beats, resting beats, adding beats, but in the end it’s the beat that keep me alive.

I am within myself the greatest love of my life. And there is no one I can count on who better understands the desire I have in love than me. I will love this world in every breath and in my heart I will love only in love, only in love, only in love. I am not accountable to anyone who rejects and denies the love I share. I am not responsible for loving beyond the love I have to give. I just want to love. I want to love from the core of who I am. I want to be in love with the eyes staring back but love is only love reflected –and I can only see love when love is there to see present in this moment. The greatest of all experiences is to be so deeply in the moment that love is all that exists –because love IS all that exists.

I am not here in this world to hold my love tight against my heart –pounding force against flesh. I am here in this world to share the movement, to be in the moment –to nurture and grow without fear. And if my feet spark some creative passion within as toe and heal rub against the road I walk along, then I will walk faster –and I will let my feet wear down to the bone of who I am –because I know no other way to be!

I am flesh and bone that fade. But I am also the spirit of love moving around this world and I will move –moving in love until my breath is finished.

If only for myself, I will be in love. And when I wake in the morning there will always be eyes looking back at me –because I am never without love. In those eyes I will always see love because I am more than just flesh and bone that fades – I am love reflected. And sharing my love is the greatest of all gifts I have to give to this world. I am at my greatest when I love beyond worldly defined boundaries of love. I will not deflect love. I can only reflect it from my heart –Because I am love living. I am alive in love.

The spark of my being is felt as life. The love I am is what fuels the flame that grows within me the greatest of opportunity in life –to pass that flame on and remind fearful eyes that love is without fear. I will love and I will continue to love until my last breath. And in love if an extra set of feet shall reside next to mine, they will spark the ember within…and together we will walk lighting the world with love. This is my heart’s greatest desire. When I reach within to feel the depth of who I am, I only feel love. Love with me, just love with me. This is my resounding hope. Swirling in love, tangled in hope, just be in love; be in life, with me.


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