Being in the Waves

I just wanted to get some thoughts out before I head to bed tonight. I woke in the middle of the night last night with these ideas about waves. It was strange because its very rare I wake with thoughts as if in my sleep I was handed a book to read and in my hazy half conscious mind it seemed so clear. I figured if I just write it down the best I can I’ll discover whether these thoughts warrant any weight.

Now mind you, it’s the next night so I am digging at these thoughts from memory. This wasn’t a dream it was more like I just awoke with this idea about the life of a wave. And the part I was focused on when I awoke was the crashing and breaking a part of a wave. It seems so rough and destructive. Yet what follows is the rolling up the beach to meet the dry shoreline in a hello and as quickly as it comes up it falls away back to the sea in a quiet goodbye as the next wave takes it turn.

The crashing could seem so powerfully overwhelming, but being in the ocean, its as simple as seeing it come and diving down to be in, rather than standing still and letting it crash over you.

Waves build. They form. They rise up as the tide pulls the old out under the new and the friction breaks the wave at its climax. The tumbling remains fall apart and the cycle repeats.

We are the waves. And into ourselves we can go to find peace when all around us seems to be falling apart. The breaking wave is relief. And unlike its cycle we can step out of our waves to meet the shoreline and watch the cycle without actually being in it.

We are the beach. We are the ocean. We are the place where sea and land touch without resistance. We can be in the ocean but not in the waves simply by finding the flux between the two.

All life is ebb and flow. And in the flow we ride the wave in. In the ebb we fight the power of the wave. When all we have to do is be in it and feel the undercurrent of all life to know we are alive in the waves and out.

We can get stuck in the waves if we let them overwhelm us. Following the peaks, we watch as they come in and rise up. And in fear we don’t move. We just let the waves, one after the other, roll into us and we sink in the tumbling, only to surface feeling beat up.

The waves aren’t our enemy. They are our friends because the remind us to be in the moment and not give into the endless rising up, then crashing down and returning to the sea to rise up, break and tumble again. But rather, they remind us to dive down and be in the rhythmic movement of the wave. Or stand on the shoreline and view it as the observer watching the waves play out their part by being and being. And being again. 

I am the wave and I release my power to this one truth………I am but a drop in the ocean. I am a grain of sand on the beach. And together I am the universe in one breath being. Just being in the moment. 


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