Oh my heart: A stream of consciousness about living in the mind verse the heart

This is my truth—

I have been in my mind for many years and out of my mind I have discovered my heart living within the walls of my thoughts. Thoughts are the creation of the physical world realized into existence. But the heart, the feelings that arise are universal and exist within the very life of creation. Feelings direct us toward love if we surrender the thoughts that divide and be in the feelings of love that rise from the heart and think on these alone. The truth of the heart is spoken in silence and stillness within the mind. Meditate on the heart. Meditate on the mind serving the heart within a mission of love; the mind being the child and the heart being the wise sage. There is no need for the mind to defend the heart. Our anger to fight our wrongs is not the heart’s battle but the mind, and the mind alone. Divided from the heart the mind is a warrior battling the demons of the world. But within the heart we are strong. Stronger than the world, the heart carries source and is eternally moved to grow without boundaries –yet, the mind would gladly create boundaries for the heart to live within. Building a fortress to protect the heart, the mind enslaves the heart. And as the walls grow big, the heart lives in shadows and darkness covers its skin. And in darkness a frost develops and the heart finds itself scared and alone. And in the cracks of the walls fear embeds itself, digging in like thorns—eventually wounding the heart. The mind living with the best intentions forgets its place and masters nothing but rules over all. This is the way of the unaware mind lacking discipline to see itself out of its own prison. How does it escape? Just by remembering the love of the heart and feeling life, the life of the heart, the truth of the heart –letting the heart be. Oh my heart! Thank you for being my mind’s greatest teacher, for allowing it to let go and let source live within its valleys and hills. Thank you for shining light on every dark corner within the deepest crevasses of my mind’s past. Thank you for being the life within and reminding me the greatest words spoken are the words you share in me, in love. I have no regret for ever speaking from my heart. The gifts of the heart are true and your words are my life –thank you heart. Thank you for showing me that your wounds don’t come from another human being, but from the thoughts my mind creates from another’s words or actions. My mind is where wounds reside when I let my mind be in its noise and forget to pay attention to your silent wisdom—the feelings—as I recall your truth. Do not let me forget your truth. Into my mind I place a moment of stillness to reflect on your truth when the world is pressing on my mind and speaking to its fears and worries. Let the feelings of your truth amplify beyond the noise so I may see the light of love shining through the darkness and covering me in a soft blanket of calmness, if only for a moment to awaken my mind from its own uncertainty. Living in my heart’s truth, I am certain I am loved because I am the source of all love. Within me the universe is alive—and that life is alive in you as well. Live in truth by quieting the mind and allow it to live within source and within the temple of the heart. I love my mind…oh how calm you have become since I have learned to live outside your walls and you have surrendered your fight to be in peace–although you forget time to time–you allow the heart to calm your noise and to this I am grateful. Blessings to a wonderful mind!


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