In No-one’s Backyard

This poem was inspired by being with the birds as the fed on mulberries in the backyard.

Birds bring nature to
Our backyard
They fly over
Tend to
The bugs in
Our lawns and
Sing the songs of
Heaven while
Nesting in
Our trees

To follow
Them home
My heart hugs
The skies and
In communal
I close
My eyes
And follow
The sound of
Their beating
Wings into
The forest
Listening to
The melody of
Their voices
They carry
My soul with
Them into
The mountains
Where I am
Just being
The cities and

I sing
Their songs
And as one
I am
Reborn to
Be as
I am—
A part of
The living earth—
Life beyond
This patch of
Claimed land
I am of
The land of
The sky
I am with
The birds
Reminding me
There are
No borders but
The ones
We create

Taking down
These fences
This is
Their land
Our land
Together in
No-one’s backyard.

CL July 2012


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