The Creation of Love’s Journey

Flowing of Love
I am
The heart beat

I am
The flesh and
Bone of
Love’s journey

I am
The intake of
Life and
The exhale of

And I
Only know
This way to be…
One Love
To be in
Love with

To be in
Love with
The sun
Shining on
My face

To be in
Love with
The wind
Movement in
The trees

To be in
Love with
The canine eyes
Waiting for
Our adventures
This day to

To be in
Love with
You and
You and
You in
Love with
The life
You are with
The love
You share with
The collective
Experience that
Makes us

These connections
Exist in
The flowing of
Love in
The rhythmic
Beating of
The One heart
We share

We exist
The consciousness of
One journey and
We live as
The pulse of
Life flowing as
Love and as
If you share
The love
You share
Light and
You give

The space
Between one
Beat and
The next and
One beat to
The second and
On beat to
The infinite is
We feel
The possibility of
Creation of
Being more than
Alive of
Co-creators on
This journey of
The artist of

In this space
We give
Birth to
The essence of
All life—
The whole
Life and to
The experience of
The flowering of
This simple truth…

We are the conscious creation of love’s journey.
And our life is One we create together.

CL Feb 2013


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