Welcome Back

Communing with NatureI rather go
Hungry being
Out in
Nature than
To fill
My belly with
Four walls and
Florescent lights

I rather dig into
The earth with
Hands to
Work for
My supper than
Wrap it in
Plastic and
Nuke it for

I rather be
Here in
My soul in
My present
State of
What is
Real at
My core

Feel it
Run through
My veins like
Water to
The roots of
A tree—
I am
Nourished by
The beauty and
Strengthened by
The assurance that
No matter
How hard
Humans try
To create
Over it—
It lives and
It’s what I
Hunger for

It still
Exists outside
The four walls and
Florescent lights of
Modern day
Human existence

It is still
Forever filling
The world with
Living light
Welcoming us
All back to
What is
Real to
The life we
Lived before
CL April 2013


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