Farewell Bellport

Farewell to the past
To the summer stone roads
Long since paved
In concrete.

Farewell to the quaint walks
Down Kramer Street to
The Middle School playground
And it’s spring-mounted horses
Now replaced with
Spring-mounted race cars.

So long to 51 Country Club Road
And the smell of
Grandparent love
Greeting you at
The door.

So long to the reliable
Ticking of
The wall clock
On the hour

Farewell to the child-sized cot
That they pulled out
Just for me
And to the tiny bathroom
Which gave us
The choice of
Quick warm showers
Or long cold ones.

Good bye to the smell of
Salt in the air
And watching
The locals practicing
Their craft of
Crustacean from
The dock at

Farewell to the ocean bay
Which taught me
To love, dream, and write.

Farewell to the library
The Playhouse
And the church where
My parents were married.

Farewell to
The Village of Bellport.

But most importantly, farewell to
My grandmother and grandfather
And our memories here.

In my eyes as
The sun sets
It sets on
Bellport for good.

I head home.


Up the Sunrise Highway.


I smile fondly.


When will they fix this road?


Oh well.

Farewell, Bellport.

May 20, 2017

#unfiltered #bellport #longisland #memories #poetry


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