About Christa

I’m the person standing in the corner looking out over a room full of people. I listen to their conversations. I hear their pains, frustrations, and disappointments. Personally, I may only share some of it, but I will seek to understand all of it. I am sort of a black sheep who blends in with the crowd. I’m different. Yet, you just  might just miss me if you weren’t paying attention.


This is my pasture of new perspective and I’m sharing it with you.


More about this Author:

Christa, lives on the North Shore of Massachusetts with her very energetic dog Freddy. A full-time writer and seeker of truth, she has been actively sharing all she learns with others as she travels her path. Currently, she has started working on her third book in the Paradise Within series of books. Feel free to e-mail any questions and comments to christa@christalamb.com